Google BrandLab

Re-design of Marty Neumeier’s book for BrandLab’s internal use.

Dictionary of Brand—Google BrandLab Edition

Dictionary of Brand— GooglGoogle established BrandLab, an innovative workshop-based program and collaborative center dedicated to helping brands get the most out of the web through education, inspiration, and hands-on practice. One of BrandLab’s first acts was to publish The Dictionary of Brand. Google asked us to write and design this groundbreaking book—no easy task in a world where definitions are evolving daily.

Designer and Illustrator

Agency: Liquid Agency
Author: Marty Neumeier
Senior Creative Director: Diane Stember Richards
Creative Director: Jeff Gardner
Senior Client Manager: Priscilla Rodriques
Project Coordinator: Janie Ramos

Book Design, Illustration, Production

Take a look inside the full dictionary here