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The Dyrt
The Dyrt is a top camping app for iOS and Android. Campers across America can find reviews for the best RV, tent, trailer and dispersed camping spots. The Dyrt community has crowdsourced over 4 million campground reviews, photos, and tips across the US – more than any other camping platform.

As Senior Brand Designer at The Dyrt, my team consisted of a Lead Brand Designer, a Designer, and a Copywriter and we were responsible for creating work across all departments including sales, marketing for web and app, email and social. We also worked closely with the product team to create a brand refresh that started with an overhaul of the website and app.

Senior Brand Designer

Product Design Lead: Jenn McHale
Lead Brand Designer: Nicole Belcher
Designer and illustrator: Lauren Rockett
Copywriter: Sarah Rhodes

Website Design, Branding, Illustration

The Dyrt PRO Subscription Storytelling
As the PRO Subscription model was new and growing, my team was tasked with evolving and fine-tuning how we communicated key features and offerings to users. The features we highlighted most were Trip Planner, Map Layers, Offline Access, Campground Discounts, and Gear Discounts.

Map Layers page
I took ownership of the PRO Map Layer feature page and was able to bring the UI to life by showcasing what these land boundaries could look like in real life. I simplified this complex product offering while evolving how we differentiate our PRO features from the rest of the app. This page design helped clarify this offering both externally and internally.

Map Layers Landing Page

App Marketing Opportunities
Below is an example of a way we demonstrated the importance of PRO in the app by creating thoughtful and strategic upsells that focused on specific needs instead of pushing discounts on the PRO subscription. 

Explore the Map > Map Layer Upsells
Unlock PRO Perks > Influencer Testimonial Upsells

Here are a few of the paid ads across Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter that my team and I designed and animated. We created ads to predominantly bring awareness to the brand. We also created ads that could educate potential users on the benefits of upgrading to our PRO subscription.

My team and I worked on various digital campaigns as well. One of these was the Black Friday sale, where we developed a special landing page to get users to learn more about PRO, the premium membership option. I have also included some of the paid ads and social posts we created to drive awareness of the sale and site traffic.

Landing Page
Facebook Post
Facebook/ Instagram Story
Facebook/ Instagram Story
Facebook/ Instagram Story